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What do I need to do before our first meeting?

NOTHING! Just show up and learn how to set yourself up for a successful 21-Day Sugar Detox. Week 1 is dedicated to preparation, meaning we do not make any dietary changes until Week 2. 

What if I cannot attend one of the weekly meetings?

Lucky for you, I typically teach this class multiple days per week both throughout the Sacramento area and online. If you must miss a class, let me know in advance and we’ll see if another class date/time/location works for you. If not, trust that we will work it out another way. Please do not let this hold you back from joining this powerful program!

I’m already following a keto/paleo/other diet. Can I still do this program?

Absolutely! I would be happy to help you choose RESTART-compliant foods to suit your preferences. However, if you are referring to a low-fat or calorie-counting program such as Weight Watchers, I recommend you follow this program instead for these 21 days and experience the difference for yourself!

I’m diabetic. Is this program for me?

Yes—in fact, I would love to have you in this program! I simply ask that you notify your doctor of the powerful dietary changes you will be making. It is very likely that you will need to adjust the dosage of your medications, making it imperative that you monitor your blood glucose levels.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox falls on a holiday/birthday/vacation/special event. Do I have permission to “cheat”?

Listen: we all have busy lives and something is bound to come up for each of us within these 21 days. We learn how to make healthier choices at restaurants, social events and while traveling. When that special day comes up, you can decide for yourself how you’d like to approach it! More often than not, participants feel so empowered by the healthy choices they’re making that they’d rather not eat something that does not serve them. In any case, we’re all human and this is not an all-or-nothing lifestyle. In Week 5, we discuss how to move forward realistically and what moderation really looks like!

Do I have to give up alcohol?

Participants reap what they sow. Every. Single. Time. It is advised that you abstain from alcohol during your 21-Day Sugar Detox to experience the full benefit of the program. After all, alcohol is an inflammatory toxin. As such, our bodies will prioritize the removal of it over the other important work that we are aiming to achieve here!

I’m vegan/vegetarian. Is this program suitable for me?

Vegetarians who eat eggs and/or seafood should have no problem adhering to this program. Strict vegans may find it a bit more difficult to follow. That being said, I believe the educational component is important for everyone to have and we can certainly modify this program to suit your preferences!

Do I need to purchase anything specific?

Other than RESTART-compliant foods of your choice, you are not required to purchase anything. That being said, I strongly advise participants to purchase a water bottle they love if they do not already have one.

I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Is this program still suitable for me?

Pregnant and lactating mothers can certainly be accommodated for! In fact, there are modifications in the program for these specific circumstances. Please let me know if this applies to you so we can modify accordingly.

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“This was by far the most impactful nutrition/lifestyle change program that I have ever participated in. 🙌🏼”

Alma P.

“Prior to RESTART – I was puffy! My eyes, hands and feet felt tight. Now I know what triggers this reaction, NO more grains and sugar! My husband and Mom shared this journey with me and we ALL felt full and overall more balanced with sleep, our moods more consistent.”

Andrea N.

“A 21 day program that can create healthy habits for the rest of your life is a program I would recommend to anyone. During the program, I had increased energy, felt full all day, lost 7 pounds, and felt like my inflammation went down. I developed a better relationship with my kitchen and meal prepping … Continue reading Ash C.

Ash C.

“Thank you, Mallory, for everything you taught me. It has become a part of my life everyday.”

Carol H.

“This class was packed full of information that I will share with my friends and family!!!! It’s made a lasting impact on how I feed my body!”

Jill B.

“Mallory’s expertise on the subjects we discussed was unprecedented. She was so thoroughly informed about all we discussed & to have that information passed on to me was a true blessing.”

Robert D.
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