Group Programs

RESTART® is a 5-Week Nutrition Program
That Includes:

-Weekly Educational Meetings
-A Guided 21-Day Sugar Detox
-An Online Support Group

To enroll, please select one of the options below.

RESTART Your Health

For program details, please visit What is RESTART®? and RESTART® FAQs.

START: July 7th
END: August 4th
WHEN: Weekly meetings every Tuesday evening from 5:00-6:30 pm PST.
WHERE: Virtual (from the comfort of your own home).
*NOTE: Participants will need to print their own materials and have reliable internet access for our meetings.

RESTART Your Health

A 5-week nutrition program that includes weekly educational meetings, a guided 21-day sugar detox and an online support group.


Flex Fasting


Flex Fasting

Real food punctuated by flexible intermittent fasting. This 21-day group program includes weekly meetings and an online support group.



“This was by far the most impactful nutrition/lifestyle change program that I have ever participated in. 🙌🏼”

Alma P.

“Prior to RESTART – I was puffy! My eyes, hands and feet felt tight. Now I know what triggers this reaction, NO more grains and sugar! My husband and Mom shared this journey with me and we ALL felt full and overall more balanced with sleep, our moods more consistent.”

Andrea N.

“A 21 day program that can create healthy habits for the rest of your life is a program I would recommend to anyone. During the program, I had increased energy, felt full all day, lost 7 pounds, and felt like my inflammation went down. I developed a better relationship with my kitchen and meal prepping … Continue reading Ash C.

Ash C.

“Thank you, Mallory, for everything you taught me. It has become a part of my life everyday.”

Carol H.

“This class was packed full of information that I will share with my friends and family!!!! It’s made a lasting impact on how I feed my body!”

Jill B.

“Mallory’s expertise on the subjects we discussed was unprecedented. She was so thoroughly informed about all we discussed & to have that information passed on to me was a true blessing.”

Robert D.

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