Private Appointments

What to Expect:
After determining your personal health concerns, we will conduct an assessment of your current health status. Therapeutic diets, lifestyle changes and nutraceuticals may be recommended on a continued, evolving basis.

All appointments can be in-person or virtual.

Free 20-Minute Discovery Session:

A short discussion to determine whether or not nutritional therapy is suitable to you. Start here to have your questions and concerns addressed.

Initial Assessment (New Clients): 

Dive deep with your practitioner during this comprehensive 60-minute visit. Together you will review the results of your questionnaire and discuss ways to support imbalances in your body with targeted recommendations.

*Note that you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire and submit a 3-Day Food Journal prior to this visit.

$99 single session

2-Month Package (New Clients): 

An initial assessment (60 minutes) and three follow-up sessions (45 minutes) for a total of four appointments.

$299 package

Follow-Up Sessions: 

A 45-minute session to review and assess your current needs. Your practitioner will create targeted recommendations based on their findings.

*Available only to established clients.

$69 per session

For best results, it is strongly recommended that clients commit to at least two months of nutritional therapy.  Established clients may purchase follow-up sessions or a membership as-needed.

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